Hi! I am Mx Jen Durbent and this is a web site. I am a writer and a stand-up comic based out of the greater Chicagoland area. And by greater I mean not-as-great outer burbs. This is mostly where I keep my writing. You can find me mostly on Twitter.

If you look over there I have a book for sale. It is called My Dinner with Andrea. It is from HYBRID Ink. It's quite good. You should buy it and read it.

You can watch some of my comedy at My Youtube Channel. If you are feeling adventurous, email and book me for a standup show.

I am also a writer/correspondant for the Red, White & True Show.

My Dinner with Andrea Cover

My Dinner with Andrea

Faith has started dating again - with the blessing of her wife - to find someone to connect with. Andrea seems to be a good match in many ways. The world is a difficult place for two trans women dating, but when you take into account neo-Nazis, a rapist, and some overzealous cops, it can feel downright impossible.

Order on Hybrid.Ink's site. Here's the Amazon Link if that's more your style.


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