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I have written a few books and longer form stories. I am soon publishing a book I am calling The Smallest of Problems. Here are some of my writings.

The Smallest of Problems

Well it's a book. That's all I'm going to say yet.

Publisher To Be Announced

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These twenty-two works by poet Jen Durbent range in style from haiku to epic and cover a broad range of emotions and topics. Durbent turns her sharp wit to gender, politics, drugs, and even the Tower of Babel.

From Hybrid Ink.

Cover: canon by Jen Durbent

My Dinner with Andrea

Faith has started dating again--with the blessing of her wife--to find someone to connect with. Andrea seems to be a good match in many ways. The world is a difficult place for two trans women dating, but when you take into account neo-Nazis, a rapist, and some overzealous cops, it can feel downright impossible.

From Hybrid Ink.

Cover: My Dinner with Andrea by Jen Durbent

Sexts & Sonnets

A series of 21 poems about transition, bodies, and other assorted things.

Cover: Sexts and Sonnets by Jen Durbent

What We Waken

This novella tells a story of the first humans on Mars find far more than they barganed for.

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...and Alleged Automatons Abound

The year is 1908 and someone is chopping people's heads off. One cop thinks he knows how to get to the bottom of it, mostly by killing more people.

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Shorter Form Writing

Here's some other things with words I put in an order.

Sci-Fi(-ish), Horror

Other Stories



A Note.

Nothing brings me joy quite like making comedy. It might be written form or it might be a performance. It might be on a stage, in a bar, or even for a camera. There is also nothing that brings me pain quite like loving comedy. It might be a rejection, which feels very personal. Or it could be a person you respected making a not only offensive but just plain bad joke. Or bombing. God. That's the worst.

Not going to beat around the bush. If you want to see me do comedy, this is not where I post show info. Those are most often at the Facebook Page unless I can eventually figure out a way to cross post here from there.

This section here where I list off names that mean something to someone, mostly me. I do many shows and projects per year. These are some things I am personally proud of.

Performances I Note

  • Laughing Liberally, Milwaukeee, WI
  • Lady Laughs Comedy Festival, Madison, WI
  • PrideFest, Milwaukee, WI

Projects & Affiliations

  • The Onion--Features Contributor
  • Red, White, and True--Video Series, Writer & Performer
  • Small Town Queer Stuff--Podcast, Host & Producer
  • The Aardvark Podcast--Podcast, Host & Producer

Music Stuff.

Slutrax!: Covidditites.

Noise/ambient music album released during the pandemic.

Abstract Art on Cover For Coviddities

About Jen. Also, Like Everything, Mostly False.

Early Yeards [sic]

Jen grew up a dirt farmer in apartment complex in the southwest corner of that culvert over there. You see, when she was a young lass, peoeple often mistook her for a boy! So often that she, for time, also thought so. Well, it took a bit. And she grew out of that kind of silliness and now she writes stories and poems.

Turns out that girl, though, had to do a bunch of learning first. She went and did her schooling and her education--even Twain said they were sometimes different. Once, someone told David Foster Wallace that Jen wrote good; but he stood her up for pie for some reason. She used to be quite sore at that. But, she learned to move on and not really take the opinions of older men in positions of power quite so serious like. Good thing, too. She's heard some things.

Roads Traveled and Such

The she went and did what any good girl from the bootstraps of America should do; she went and figured out how to start a family. You see, she wasn't equipped to deal with that kind of thing herself, and so she met this other lass and they ended up getting hitched. Turns out they like one another quite a bit, you see? Great how that works out! Been a couple decades now; may as well stay for the long haul.

Lo and behold: kids, three cats, a dog, and what might be a small school of fish later--some with us, some not--she's got what you could call a family. Right there in her own home! Quite convenient. Saves on the commute.

Along the way she met some folk. Got a job. Didn't quite like the name her ma and pa gave her, so she changed it to this silly one.

Where We Are Now.

Now she takes time time-to-time to stand in front of the locals and do earnest exhortations about existence. Some folks call that "stand-up comedy." But she calls it good ole' common sense. You feel that?

Like many heroes and villians, sometimes she goes by another name. Mostly to keep herself hidden from interlopers and unsavory types. Like...Amway. Anyway, she figured she should let you know she has a thing here that talks more about what she does in those times where she has to keep her head down, you see.

I reckon that's all. There ain't much more to tell. An education. A penchent for post-modernism. A deep and chronic depression. I mean, they are all just spices.