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The Smallest of Problems

A cyberpunky adventure across a post-United States landscape.


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These twenty-two works by poet Jen Durbent range in style from haiku to epic and cover a broad range of emotions and topics. Durbent turns her sharp wit to gender, politics, drugs, and even the Tower of Babel.

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Cover: canon by Jen Durbent

My Dinner with Andrea

Faith has started dating again--with the blessing of her wife--to find someone to connect with. Andrea seems to be a good match in many ways. The world is a difficult place for two trans women dating, but when you take into account neo-Nazis, a rapist, and some overzealous cops, it can feel downright impossible.

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Cover: My Dinner with Andrea by Jen Durbent

Sexts & Sonnets

A series of 21 poems about transition, bodies, and other assorted things.

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What We Waken

This novella tells a story of the first humans on Mars find far more than they barganed for.

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...and Alleged Automatons Abound

The year is 1908 and someone is chopping people's heads off. One cop thinks he knows how to get to the bottom of it, mostly by killing more people.

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Shorter Form Writing

Here's some other things with words I put in an order.

Sci-Fi(-ish), Horror

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Jen Durbent is a comedian and writer. They perform standup comedy throughout the Chicagoland area, contribute to The Onion, and work as editor-in-chief for, an LGBTQ satire site. Their 3rd book, a novel tentatively titled The Smallest of Problems, is due out [TBD].


You May Have Seen Performances At:

  • Laughing Liberally, Milwaukeee, WI
  • Lady Laughs Comedy Festival, Madison, WI
  • PrideFest, Milwaukee, WI
  • "Spend the Night" stop in Chicago, IL
  • And many other stages throughout the Chicagoland area

Projects & Affiliations

You May Have Seen These Things:

  • Queer Coded--Editor in Chief
  • The News at Jen Host
  • Four Endless Years Podcast Host
  • The Onion--Features Contributor
  • Red, White, and True--Video Series, Writer & Performer
  • Small Town Queer Stuff--Podcast, Host & Producer
  • The Aardvark Podcast--Podcast, Host & Producer