jen durbent: Writer, Comedian

My Works: Look upon them and despair or something.

Listen, I got a bunch of stuff here, you see. Some of it is good. Some not so good. Thems the breaks. You take it, you figure it out. Dig? Some of them are funny. Some aren't so much. I'll try to make big notes here so you can kind of know what you're getting into, but, well, I mean, they're just here.

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A Master Of Multi-Media

You see those links in the above titlebar? I am a writer, yes, but I am also a stand-up comedian and occasional musician. Sometimes, even, I do other stuff. These are those things.

I am an outside influencer, you know?

Firstly, some stuff that ain't on this site. I don't pitch or submit often to editors, so this is sparse.

I post a bit on, which are a variety of stories and other such things.

I just make this stuff up!

Here's a selection of fiction.

I feel things, man. *sad face emoji*

Essays on Sad Stuff

Poems and Such

I write poems. I am not ashamed. I probably should be, though.